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Food Truck Rally

Vendor Extravaganza

Join us for an exciting Food Truck Rally and Vendor Extravaganza, featuring a diverse selection of food trucks, local vendors, and entertainment. The event will take place in the open space between two major plants, JNAP and Mack Engine Plant, with two parking lots and a side street available for the event. Additionally, there will be an indoor space for attendees to explore.

Food Truck Rally24.png

Event Details

Date: [July 13, 2023]

Time: [12pm-7pm]

Location: [Jamison Temple]

Address: [12530 Mack Ave, Detroit MI 48215]

Mack and Connor (between JNAP and Mack Engine Plant)

Registration Form
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Dry vendors are vendors that sells, clothing, candles ,jewelry ,oils ,art or anything thats not edible

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